Portfolio Acquisition Strategy

Brightlane seeks to acquire portfolios single family homes throughout the U.S. specifically in the affordable housing sector (sub $150,000).

Brightlane Corp. is equipped to access discounted quality affordable single-family homes through various acquisition channels including contractual relationships, bulk acquisitions of single-family homes from banks, mortgage servicers, competitors, hedge funds, government-sponsored enterprises, private investors, and other financial institutions.

We are able to acquire portfolios utilizing various transaction methodologies including:
- Cash
- Stock (ideal for a variety of sellers, especially hedge funds facing a sunset period)
- Combination of cash and stock

As most real estate operating companies we seek a certain yield on occupied properties (ideally 12%+). However, we are open the acquisition of various other housing situations to include:
- REO properties (we are equipped nationwide for fix & flip, and fix & hold)
- Non-Performing-Loans (NPLs)

Target Market

Brightlane is equipped to acquire properties and portfolios nationwide. However, we currently specialize on the greater southeastern U.S. - Texas east to Florida, and north to the Carolinas.

Acquisition Guidelines

Portfolio size: 5 to 500 homes
Target yield rate: 12%+
Expenses: less than 50%