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Brightlane Corp. is deploying various additional strategies to enhance our offering and long-term shareholder value.

While the acquisition of single family residential homes is at the core of Brightlane’s stragetic intent, we are developing and launching various additional strategic initiatives. Many of these initiatives involve the offering of various ancillary services to current Brightlane Corp. tenants/customers. Such services may include private label utilities, credit monitoring services, solar power, discount purchasing programs, private label credit facilities, etc.

The principle objective of these future initiatives are three-fold:

(1) To differentiate ourselves from other SFR providers in the industry,
(2) Appeal to a broader cross-section of investors and customers alike, and
(3) Increase shareholder value significantly.

Brightlane is also seeking to expand its business model into multifamily, active adult living, Class A private student housing and build-to-rent within the residential housing space. We will soon be executing a ground up construction platform of rental properties for single and multifamily products.

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